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The United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Services (USDS-NRCS) has developed an interactive Web Soil Survey for more than 95% of the nation’s counties with anticipation for 100% in the near future. The Web Soil Survey is the official soil survey for all of New Jersey, according to NJ Technical Bulletin 2006-1.0.

Click here to view the Web Soil Survey

The District has the soil survey (obsolete version 1961) available on CD upon request for $15.00. If you would like a soil survey mailed to your home or office enclose your name or company name, phone number address, and a check made payable to the Camden County SCD.

The District is now offering maps produced on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With this technology, District staff is able to produce maps with multi-layered information such as wetlands, soils, aerial photograph and topography for a particular site or project. These maps can be used for submittal to the Pinelands Commission, NJDEP, municipal tax officials, or other state and local government agencies. For more information, please contact the District Office.