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The District offers a variety of services to the general public, local governments, land owners and local businesses. These services are as follows:

Stormwater Infrastructure - perform inspections, assessments and generate reports (includes GPS coordniates of structures, GIS datasets, watershed maps, as well as additional findings/observations). A benefit of this service is that no public bid is required since it could be performed through inter-local governament agency.

Stormwater Implementation Grants - provide grant writing, project management and administration. The District has developed many partnerships throughout the years and continues to apply for grants to implement projects identified through approved Stormwater Management Plans.

Open Space Inventory, Assessment & Management - perfom inspections, assessments and recommend management strategies to municipal and county owned open space, farmland and parkland.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring - perform a variety of water quality monitoring activities to determine potential problems within their region. At a minimun, the District can monitor temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH through our certified lab and collect samples for various pollutants and bacteria. The following monitoring programs are available:

                Stream Monitoring Program - perform monitoring for the above parameters and could include istallation of water level logger(s) and staff gauge(s) that record continuous water levels.

                Lake Monitoring Program - perform monitoring for the above parameters and could include diurnal dissolved oxygen samples.


If you are interested in the above services, please contact the District for further inquires.