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DeCou Run Stream Restoration

DeCou Run Stream Restoration  

In May 2008 The Camden County Soil Conservation District was awarded a FY2008 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control – Section 319(h) grant for a stream restoration project.  We will be working with Cherry Hill Township and ARKF Inc. to restore DeCou Run, a headwater of the N. Branch Cooper River.

The proposed work consists of three integrated projects, the restoration of a severely eroding gully into an ecologically-functioning and aesthetically-pleasing headwater stream; the connection of the restored stream to an adjacent floodplain forest; and the stabilization of a headcut located downstream of restored headwater stream and floodplain. Currently, an eroding gully diminishing the scenic and conservation values within the park. Sediment transmitted by the gully is filling in downvalley stream segments and wetlands.  The headcut, if left unchecked, threatens to erode these deposited sediments, resulting in further ecological, aesthetic, and recreational impacts.