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Cherry Hill Township Basin Retrofit Project

Cherry Hill Township Basin Retrofit Project 

The Cooper River Regional Stormwater Management Plan, recently approved by NJDEP as a “Watershed Based Implementation Plan”, identifies extensive development and inadequate stormwater basins as a contributor to the many documented impairments of the Cooper River.  The RSMP identifies over 80 stormwater basins in the watershed that would benefit from retrofit or renovation.  Further the Cooper River RSMP Priority Projects Addendum identifies nearly 25 stormwater basins as priority projects.

Because of the quantity of basins in need of retrofit and due to space limitations and other technical issues it would be difficult and cost prohibitive to bring each basin to current standards, achieving target reductions of pollutants.  This project is designed to implement and report on the efficiency of various cost effective retrofit options.  The proposed basin retrofits and renovations take advantage of the existing basin conditions, including soil conditions and topography to improve the effectiveness of each basin in reducing peak rates of runoff and treating stormwater for nutrients, bacteria and total suspended solids.  Inflow and outflow monitoring before and after the retrofit will help to assess the effectiveness of each method.

This project will educate the stormwater basin neighbors and municipal staff about the project goals, methods, future conditions and most importantly why there is a need for such actions.  Success will be measured not only by the improved effectiveness of the selected basins, but by the support and ongoing commitment of local officials to basin retrofit.